The Class C Motorhome: How To Achieve The Maximum RV Lifestyle!

For those of you who have been loyal readers of our Class C Motorhome site, you may notice some subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the coming weeks. Our original goals for this site were conceived and designed with one purpose... to discuss the small (less than 30') motorhome. This was an obvious choice for us because we owned a 24' motorhome, and we wanted to share our personal experiences.

However, our beloved ole' Tioga was starting to show its age. This Class C Motorhome was purchased in 2005. Sooo, we decided to get a "newer, more modern vehicle". When we came across a little 26' Class-A-Motorhome, it got my attention. Essentially, a Class-A-Motorhome this small is sort of kinda like a Class C Motorhome with a better turning radius and improved GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

Also, the thought occurred to us that a lot of people have made a large investment in their various recreational vehicles (RVs) and they may also have questions about these rigs. Therefore, as we gained more experience and understanding about motorhomes, we decided to expand the topic of the site to include some Class A Motorhomes that are under 30' in length.

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Bottom line we are expanding our focus of the website. We hope to continue our website here, and create a new site showcasing the smaller, "less than 30' Class C Motorhome and selected Class A Motorhomes". We feel that it just makes sense because the RV Market has exploded in the last 5 years or so with many different models to choose from.

Let me slow down here and give you a little background on who we are. My name is Jim, and I retired from the Department of Defense in the year 2000 due to base closure.

I was an engineering technician working at McClellan AFB, and way back when, the Sacramento Army Depot. My job encompassed a broad spectrum of activities ranging from writing technical procedures, reverse engineering repair processes, and writing/verifying MIL-STDs (Military Standards) for various defense applications and test equipment.

We Really Enjoy Hiking Around Sugar Pine Reservoir

We are not full-timers due to the fact that we have new grandchildren popping up and we like to stay close. My wife Lynn, has recently retired from a local school district as a speech pathologist. She is the person that keeps me on track. Without her, I would probably go off on some weird tangent... Lynn does a lot of editing and also acts as the watchdog looking out for your best interests.

This site focuses on some technical/repair issues, accessories, and travel destinations dealing with RVs in general and Motorhomes in particular. We will write about stuff that we are doing, or thinking about, as our motorhome experience matures.

We are doing a lot of exploring in Northern California and select parts of this wonderful country. As we write about these experiences and locations, we will pay special attention to areas that are suitable for RVs 30' and less.

We have been accomplished camping, biking, and boating enthusiasts for most of our lives. During the last few years, We've added motorhomes to the list. This motorhome ownership thing has been quite an eye opener. We are having a lot of fun, but it has been a reality check.

One Of Our Favorite Motorhome Destinations Is Loon Lake...
We Always Look Forward To the Sunsets At The End Of The Day

When we bought our first motorhome; I did not have a clue. However, that has never stopped me before. Actually, it isn't as bad as it sounds... these rigs have given me an opportunity to learn many valuable lessons. It has been a good school, and I want share my lessons with you.
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Remember, if you have any ideas, lessons or stories that you would like to share, just click on the Comment Form to get the ball rolling! We are here to help and assist you any way that we can...

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Site Map: Index grouped by subject.
Your Motorhome Chassis Is The Foundation To Your Home On Wheels: What Are
Your motorhome chassis will get you there and back... how important is it to choose the right system?
Aftermarket Class C Motorhome Accessories Can Improve Your Rig's Performance!
Class C Motorhome accessories will bring out the best in your rig, if you choose them wisely...
Class C Motorhomes And Housekeeping: Can We Make It Simple?
You're in your Class C Motorhome and you know some housekeeping will be in order once you arrive.
RV Maintenance: Now That You Have Been Using Your Class C Motorhome... How
RV Maintenance... It's time to pay the piper and keep it ready for your next adventure
RV Accessories are the Magic that Brings out the Best in your Class C Motorhome!
RV accessories can help you create a class c motorhome that will better suit your needs.
RV Repair: It Seems Like Something Always Needs Attention.
RV Repair: Sooner or later, something is going to need fixing!
Motorhome Driving Safety Tips: Being Safe On The Road Requires A Plan
Here are some driving safety tips that can make life less stressful when driving down the road
Motorhome Dinghy Towing: Hitch Systems, Auxillary Braking, GCWR... What All Is
Dinghy towing is a good option... if you want to save dollars on the high price of fuel!
Branson, MO: A Great Destination In The Heart Of The Ozark Mountains
Branson, MO is the place to go if you like live shows, golfing, fishing, or just relaxing by the pool!
California Attractions: What Are Some Things That We Can Do?
California attractions have been drawing people here for decades... so, what makes this state so popular?
California Camping Opportunities Are As Diverse As Its People.
California camping: Over 800 miles of coastline, several mountain ranges, and two major metropolitan areas... you cannot find a more diverse location in the U. S.
California Hiking Is The Best Way To See This States' Wonders
Taking these small California hiking trails that are less than 10 mile long, will let you see another side of California.
California Lakes Offer Prime Class C Motorhome Destinations
With over 5,000 California Lakes to choose from, you gotta' find some place that your will like!
The Utah National Park System Offers Zion Park As Its Most Visited National Park
The Utah National Park System includes Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Parks
Rocky Mountains National Park Is A Land of Majestic Views with Abundant Wildlife
Rocky Mountains National Park is a high altitude wonderland
An RV Adventure: Here Are Some Things To Do That Are A Bit Out Of The Ordinary
RV Adventure are the motivating force behind the RV lifestyle
Response And Comment Page For Class C Motorhome Info Made Simple:
Response And Comment Page For Class C Motorhome Info Made Simple:
Mobile Communication: How To Stay In Touch With Friends And Family!
Mobile communication choices: Just how important are they?
The Santa Cruz Boardwalk Is California's Oldest Continuously Operating Seaside A
Our Santa Cruz Boardwalk still has the tastes and smells that captured the hearts and minds of millions throughout the last century. This park is over 100 years old... and is still going strong!
A Great Destination Travel... Do YOU Have Story or Experience?
We are all driving around in our Class C Motorhomes looking for a great destination... we all want to find them, and now we can SHARE them! Share your favorite romantic travel story here! Contribute y
An American River Rafting Experience Will Fulfill Your White Water Exp
An American River rafting trip on the North, South, and Middle Forks of the upper American River will satisfy everyone’s rafting needs.
Mt San Jacinto State Park
Mt San Jacinto State Park Is mostly a designated wilderness area. With access to Palms Springs Via the Aerial Tram!
The La Brea Tar Pits Is a Time Capsule Going Back 40,000 Years!
The La Brea Tar Pits are clustered throughout Hancock Park in the urban heart of Los Angeles, next to the Miracle Mile's Financial District.
California Beaches Have Some Of The Best Destinations In The Cou
California beaches offers great sunsets, and open areas that go for miles. There are also numerous scenic pocket beaches with bluffs that have stunning views
Southern California Beaches In Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties
Our Southern California Beaches Allow You To Walk In The Warm Sand, Sharpen Your Surfing Skills, Build Sand Castles, Explore Tidal Pools, Or Enjoy The Sun!
The San Joaquin Delta Is A Prime Class C Motorhome Destination!
The San Joaquin Delta has a slower paced way of life that is not typical of California's high energy, get it done now lifestyle!
The Cosumnes River Walk Trail: The Last Free Flowing Rivers
The Cosumnes River is the last free flowing river cascading out of the Western Sierra Nevada Mountains… it has never been dammed!
The Sutter Buttes Are The Smallest Mountain Range In The World!
The Sutter Buttes are vulcanic lava domes that are located in what was once the center of the Maidu indian territory.
California's Waterfalls Have A Magical Attraction!
California waterfalls attract people to remote locations throughout the state.
A Branson Golf Experience Can Put You On A Small 9 Hole Pitch & Putt
Branson Golf: This town will give you at least 12 courses to choose from... everything from pitch & putt to an award winning 18 hole course.
An RV Air Mattress May Give You A Better Night’s Sleep
An RV Air mattress: Do you want to just lay on top of it , or enjoy optimum universal support?
The RV Foam Mattress Is The New King Of Comfort
An RV foam mattress: Why do they work as well as they do?
Can A Motorhome Innerspring Mattress Still Hold Its Own Against The Newer Desig
The innerspring mattress has been around for over 100 it still a viable choice for sleeping solutions?
Motorhome Mattress Shopping: Where Do You Start?
When you are motorhome mattress shopping, how do you know what types are suitable for your Class C Motorhome?
Reese Hitches: Can They Save Us Dollars When It's Time To Pull Stuff?
Reese Hitches sells more types of trailer hitches online than anyone else... they have shipped over 200,000 hitches, hitch accessories, cargo carriers, bike racks and other towing products to a ...
Battery Care: How Do You Take Care Of Your Deep Cycle Batteries?
Battery Care: How to conserve and care for your deep cycle battery.
The Deep Cycle Battery In Your Motorhome
Your Deep Cycle Battery will let you leave the grid behind and enjoy nature at its best!
An RV Propane Heater: They Are Designed To Warm Up Your Class C Motorhome In A
Does it make sense to always run the factory installed RV propane heater? What are your other options?
RV Solar Panels
RV Solar Panels & Batteries are the cornerstone to a well-balanced power system that will bring freedom to you and your motorhome.
An RV Wind Generator Will Let You Capture The Power That Is Blowing Past You!
We all like free stuff, why not harness the wind with An RV Wind Generator!
What Are Some Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Our Class C Motorhomes Sparkling Clea
Here Are Some Cleaning Tips That Will Make It Easier To Keep Our Class C Motorhome Sparkling Clean!
RV Bedding Options, The Old Against The New... Sometimes It's Mix & Match!
RV bedding can be put off and ignored, or it could help you obtain more rest and relaxation.
Kitchen Cleaning: Why Make It Hard, If You Can Simplify The Task?
Kitchen Cleaning: Not high on the list of things we want to do. However, the kitchen is one of the first things we see when entering a Class C.
A Laundry Machine In A Class C Motorhome: Does Having A Washer And Dryer Make
Does a hand crank laundry machine, or a powered one make life on the road easier. Are they really necessary, will a roll of quarters work as well?
A Washer Dryer Combo: Could This Be A Benefit In Your Class C Motorhome?
Would A Class C Motorhome Washer Dryer Combo Make Traveling Easier?
Computer Cleaning Is Something That Should Be Performed On A Regular Basis.
Computer Cleaning requirements are similar to housekeeping requirements… you don’t wait until they are trashed to clean them.
Can You Buy RV Peace Of Mind? How Important Is It To Know That You Made The Bes
How to Buy RV peace of mind: This is not what we think about when we go looking for a new rig. Should this be part of the process?
Without Understanding the VIN Number On Your Motorhome, You Won't Really Know
You must perform a VIN number check on your Class C Motorhome, or you are blinding yourself to potential issues...
RV Safety: As A Comparison, Which One Is Safer On The Road? The Class A, or th
RV safety: When you are on the road, stuff happens. Are you safer in a class A or class C motorhome?
RV Tires: That's Where Rubber Meets The Road!
It's not the RV tires we ride on... it's the pocket of air inside. It holds us up and gets us down the road.
The Chevy Kodiak: When You Want To Bring Everything!
The Chevy Kodiak: A real workhorse for the serious Class C Motorhome owner that wants to bring it, haul it, or pull it.
The Dodge Sprinter: For Those Who Want A Small, Well Appointed RV With Good Gas
The Dodge Sprinter will get you down the highway in a quite safe vehicle that gets good mileage too!
The 2008 Ford E 450 Has A New Grill: What Else Has Changed?
The 2008 Ford E 450 has its first major upgrade in 28 years... what did they do?
The Chevy Workhorse Chassis Takes An Old Company In A New Direction!
Chevy and the Workhorse Chassis is determined to be competitive in the Class C Motorhome arena with a 5 year 50,000 warranty, and a Free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance program!
Dry Rot: What Is It, And How Can It Harm Our Class C Motorhomes?
Sooner or later we are going to find some dry rot somewhere on our Class C Motorhome. What can we do to control it?
Rubber Roof Repair Part I: The Good Reliable Roof Will Need Attention
What do you do when your rubber roof needs attention? Is it easy to fix?
Rubber Roof Repair Part II: The Good Reliable EPDM Roof Will Need Attention Too
Rubber roof repair: Knowing how to repair your rubber roof may save your Class C Motorhome from unwanted water intrusion.
Water Damage Repair Part I: When Things Get Wet In The Wrong Places
Water Damage: Two words that an RV enthusiast never wants to hear!
Water Damage Repair Part II: When Things Get Wet In The Wrong Places
Class C Water Damage Repair Part II: Sooner or later, something is going to need fixing!
Cell Phone Amplifier: When You Are Out By Yourself You May Need To Make A Call!
While on the road, do you find coverage uneven and erratic? You may need a cell phone amplifier.
What Mobile Internet Connection Will Work The Best For Your Class C Motorhome Ne
Will your mobile Internet connection allow you to have decent Internet access?
Mobile Broadband... Enhanced Wireless Options For People On The Move
Mobile Broadband gives the Class C Motorhome enthusiast wireless connectivity and convenience.
Different Battery Types Are Used In Our Mobile Devices: How Do We Take
Different battery types are used in our handheld mobile devices. They all need to be maintained. What is the proper methods to keep them healthy?
RV Winterizing... Is It Really All That Necessary?
RV Winterizing is dependant on where you live...
RVing Tips That Will Get You Through The Winter
Some RVing Tips on why you want to winterize your Class C, change your engine oil, inspect the tires, and do some preventitive maintinance.
How To Winterize A Motorhome
We May Need To Winterize Our Plumbing In The Fall
A Motor Generator: The Gensets Are The Most Complex System We Have
A motor generator will make RV'ing very enjoyable, if we don't take them for granted...
Changing Oil In A Motorhome Will Protect Your RV Investment
Changing Oil: This Is Something We All Have To Do... What Are The Options Available For Maximum Engine Protection?
Enhanced Oil Filtration Keeps Your Engine Running Clean!
Enhanced oil filtration will allow you to achieve longer drain intervals and better engine protection for you class c motorhome!
Engine Oil: What Is That Stuff We Pour Down Our Crankcase... Who Determines The
Engine Oil: What is the mystery behind it? Who determines what standards are set, and how are they enforced?
Synthetic Oil Advantages
Synthetic Oil Advantages... An Environmentally Safe Solution To Reducing Drain Intervals
Phantom Loads: A Possible Battery Draining Source
What is a Phantom Loads: How do you know if you have one?
Fuel Economy: Why Burn More Gas Than You Need To?
Fuel economy is something that everyone is concerned about in todays Class C Motorhome lifestyle.
What Is GVWR? Why Does It Matter To You?
What is GVWR and the carrying capacity chart ? How does this relate to you?
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: How It Applies To Our Need For Aftermarket Access
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: How to get your motorhome weight under control for your chosen lifestyle.
Recreational Performance: Are We Getting Maximum Amount Of Fun From Our Motorh
Recreational and I purchased a motorhome for a reason. Are we able to go and do what we want, when we want?
How Does Energy Conservation Enhance Your Motorhome Lifestyle?
Would energy conservation keep you off the grid longer, and does it matter?
RV Shore Power: Protect Your Equipment When Traveling… Know Your Electrical Gri
How can I guard against faulty shore power and safeguard my electronics when traveling?
Motorhome Storage : Just How Much Can We Carry Around?
Motorhome storage and weight issues, what do we need to know? And why do we need to know it?
RV Storage Tips: It Matters, What You Buy... And Where You Put It.
RV Storage tips will help you understand some of your storage issues... before purchasing any new accessories.
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Southern California Beaches From Los Angeles to San Diego
Our Southern California Beaches Allow You To Walk In The Warm Sand, Sharpen Your Surfing Skills, Build Sand Castles, Explore Tidal Pools, Or Enjoy The Sun!
Motorhome Tire Safety: Can Our Tires Be Obsolete When We Buy Them?
Our Class C Motorhome tires cost a lot of money and should we be thinking about tire safety when we replace them?
RV Leveling... How To Make It Easy!
RV leveling is a necessary task... unless you always park in level areas, eventually you will need to level your motorhome when you camp...
Snow Canyon State Park Is Zion's Little Sister... With Lava
Snow Canyon State Park Offers Quiet Solitude And A Great Location That Is Just Outside Of St George, UT
Motorhome Repair and Maintenance... A Well Maintained Rig Can Give You A Full Se
Motorhome Repair and Maintenance: Is it better to wait until the season is over, or spread this chore out over time?
Fundamental Motorhome Driver Safety Tips Require The Use A Checklist... Before H
Here are some driver safety tips that can make life less stressful when driving down the road
These Motorhome Driver Safety Tips Will Keep You Safe On The Highway
Here are some driver safety tips that can make life less stressful when driving down the road
An RV Checklist For Your Class C Motorhome Keeps The Wrong Things From Happening
Going Over An RV checklist should be the last thing you do before driving down the road
All Motorhome Hitch Classes Will Have A Specified Towing Capacity
Various hitch classes will tell exactly how much weight you can tow behind your class c motorhome
Aftermarket RV Braking Systems
Aftermarket RV Braking Systems Are A Good Idea When You Pull A Dinghy
Towing A Car Safely Behind Your Class C Motorhome
Here is a hidden pitfall about towing a car safely behind your Class C Motorhome
Motorhome Towing Hitches
Towing hitches allow a typical Class C Motorhome owner to really see the country.. let's see what is involved.
California Beach Camping Is Diverse And Plentiful So, Where Do You go?
California Beach Camping: So "Where Is Your Favorite Campground?"
This Simple Leak Test Will Find Small Undetected Water Leaks
Performing an overpressure leak test can save you from unwanted water damage!
An LED Light Manufacturer Has Introduced The G4 Super Bright lamp
An LED Light Manufacturer has elevated the Light Emitting Diode’s performance output to a new level with the introduction of the new G4 LED lamp.
A Clean Rubber Roof: Why You Should Go Up And Looks Thing Over Before The Rain
How will you know when your rubber roof needs attention? You don't want to wait until it starts to leak!
Zion National Park Camping: A Good Experience Depends On The Weather
Zion National Park Camping... what time of the year is the water temperature perfect with the pines offering cool shade?
Sugar Pine Reservoir Has A Great 4 Mile Trail
Sugar Pine Reservoir is location on the Forest Hill Divide. At 6500' this lake is nestled in and among the pine trees
Class C Motorhome Information Made Simple
The Class C Motorhome: They can be small or large enough to compete with luxury diesel pushers...


Onan AC Generator Wouldn't Start

1995 Tioga Montara Had a Leak - Ouch!

A Simple Way To Put An Elecrtrical Thermostat On A Small Space Heater In A Truck Camper!

A Great Destinaton, With An Unexpected Outcome!

Below Are Some Graphics Showing A Small Selection Of
California Lakes

Scotts Flat Lake

Ski Boats Are Ready For Another Day Of Action On Scotts Flat Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake Will Grab Your Attention As You Drive Along Its Shoreline

Lake Tahoe Beaches

Lake Tahoe And A White Beach... The Water Can Be Cold, But The Summer Sun Feels Good!

Lily Lake CA

Just West Of Fallen Leaf You Will Find Lily Lake... This Is A Great Trailhead For Desolation Wilderness