The Class C Motorhome: How To
Achieve The Maximum RV Lifestyle!

For those of you who have been loyal readers to our Class C Motorhome site, you may notice some subtle and not so subtle changes in the coming weeks. Our original goals for this site was conceived and designed with one purpose... to discuss the small (less than 30') motorhome. This was an obvious choice for us because we owned a 24' motorhome, and we wanted to share our personal experiences.

However, our beloved ole' Tioga was starting to show its age. This Class C Motorhome was purchased in 2005. Sooo, we decided to get a "newer, more modern vehicle". When we came across a little 26' Class-A-Motorhome, it got my attention. Essentially, a Class-A-Motorhome this small is sort of kinda like a Class C Motorhome with a better turning radious and improved GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

Also, the thought occurred to us that a lot of people have made a large investment in their various recreational vehicles (RVs) and they may also have questions about these rigs. Therefore, as we gained more experience and understanding about motorhomes, we decided to expand the topic of the site to include some Class A Motorhomes that are under 30' in length.

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Bottom line we are expanding our focus of the website. We hope to continue our web site here, and create a new site showcasing the smaller, "less than 30' Class C Motorhome and selected Class A Motorhomes". We feel that it just makes sense because the RV Market has exploded in the last 5 years or so with many different models to choose from.

Here Is A Bit On Who We Are... 
And Why We Created Class C Motorhome

Let me slow down here and give you a little background on who we are. My name is Jim, and I retired out of the Department of Defense in the year 2000 due to base closure.

I was an engineering technician working at McClellan AFB, and way back when, the Sacramento Army Depot. My job encompassed a broad spectrum of activities ranging from writing technical procedures, reverse engineering repair processes, and writing/verifying MIL-STDs (Military Standards) for various defense applications and test equipment.

We Really Enjoy Hiking Around Sugar Pine Reservoir

We are not full-timers due to the fact that we have new grandchildren popping up and we like to stay close. My wife Lynn, has recently retired from a local school district as a speech pathologist. She is the person that keeps me on track. Without her, I would probably go off on some weird tangent... Lynn does a lot of editing and also acts as the watchdog looking out for your best interests.

This site focuses on some technical/repair issues, accessories, and travel destinations dealing with RV's in general and Motorhomes in particular. We will write about stuff that we are doing, or thinking about, as our motorhome experience matures.

We are doing a lot of exploring in Northern California and select parts of this wonderful country. As we write about these experiences and locations, we will pay special attention to areas that are suitable for RVs 30' and less.

We have been accomplished camping, biking, and boating enthusiasts for most of our lives. During the last few years We've added motorhomes to the list. This motorhome ownership thing has been quite an eye opener. We are having a lot of fun, but it has been a reality check.

One Of Our Favorite Motorhome Destinations Is Loon Lake...
We Always Look Forward To the Sunsets At The End Of The Day

When we bought our first motorhome; I did not have a clue. However, that has never stopped me before. Actually it isn't as bad as it sounds... these rigs have given me an opportunity to learn many valuable lessons. It has been a good school, and I want share my lessons with you.

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Remember, if you have any ideas, lessons or stories that you would like to share, just click on the Comment Form to get the ball rolling! We are here to help and assist you any way that we can...

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