Can You Buy RV Peace of Mind? How important Is It To Know That You Made The Best Deal Possible?

When you purchase a new rig, what you really want to do is buy RV peace of mind. Obtaining this peace of mind is simply doing what it takes to make sure that you are going to be comfortable with your new Class C Motorhome... and you want some assurance that you truly did get the "best deal possible.

Your attempt to buy RV peace of mind is just like other major purchases. You do not want any surprises that will later make you regret your buying decision. This is a critical factor to consider if you do not want to suffer from post buyer's regret syndrome.

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This can happen after any purchase decision, and the process of buying a Class C Motorhome is especially problematic due to the very large selection of types, models, and options which are available from various RV manufacturers.

I read once about a study made on the buying satisfaction of consumers. One of the notes of interest that I pulled out of this study was that when a person has a large selection of choices about any product, he/she will have a higher chance of being unsatisfied with their ultimate choice. This is due to the perceived possibility of missing something that could have been better. This is especially true when attempting to make a solid choice about the purchase of an expensive motorhome. When trying to buy RV peace of mind in the crowded motorhome market, it is very easy to fall into the trap of having to make choices involving too many options.

In other words, when the selection of choices are reduced, buyers typically have a greater degree of purchasing satisfaction thinking that the proper decision was made. On the other hand, too many choices may cause stress over missing something!

How To Prioritize RV Manufacturers' Options

So, how do you buy RV peace of mind? It seems that you will want to eliminate or prioritize as many choices as possible. You do this by breaking the unit down to manageable sections. For example, separate out the chassis from the house side. In fact, you might want to determine which engine/chassis combo best serves your needs before you even set foot on the showroom floor.

Buying your Class C Motorhome could be one of the largest purchases you have ever made, other than your brick and mortar home. When you consider that you will more than likely use this home on wheels for at least five to ten years, and maybe longer... you need to make sure you actually buy RV peace of mind.

So, what is the first step in fulfilling our goal of being able to buy RV peace of mind? Well, I think you would have to decide whether or not you want to buy new, or go with a low mileage used rig.

This begs the question, is it safe to buy a used class c motor home for sale on line? Well, I certainly wouldn't purchase one sight unseen. However, if you are willing to travel, you can find some good deals out there.

The trick is, when buying used, do your research, know what you want, know what you are willing to pay for it, and learn what the market is for the one the particular motorhome that you are interested.

When one comes on the market at the price you can accept, it then may be worth your time and money to check it out. Another thing to consider in advance is, how far are you willing to travel to find a good deal on used motorhomes for sale.

You would not want spend the big bucks purchasing a brand new Class C Motorhome, and then find one for tens of thousands of dollars less on the used market. This obviously will not always be the case. We just want to make sure this does not happen to us.

When we buy RV peace of mind, does this demand that we purchase a new rig? Or is it the opposite... should we only purchase used?

Advantages to Buying A Brand
New Class C Motorhome

What are the perceived advantages of a new Class C Motorhome over a used one?
  • The newest innovations are available.

  • All new class c motor homes will be OBD II equipped (On-Board-Diagnostics)

  • You will not be getting someone else’s problems.

  • You will have the peace of mind knowing that you have a good warranty backing up potential failures.

  • Experiencing the joy and comfort of driving off in a brand new unit that no-one else has ever slept in.

    • There is nothing like a new vehicle smell! Everything is so crisp and clean.

  • You have a very good chance of buying a motorhome with the features that you want… i.e. you will have to make less compromises.
What are the disadvantages of a new Class C Motorhome over a used one?
  • You are going to pay the big bucks for a new unit.

  • You may still have mechanical/component issues and have to deal with these unexpected issues.

  • A higher cost for tax and licensing and insurance... it all adds up!

  • If you want any extras like the motor generator, solar, leveling jacks, or even satellite TV, the dealer would be more than happy to install this for you. You will pay a premium, though.

    • There is even some argument that a person should wait until after purchasing to install a surround sound TV package or upgraded stereo system.

    • It makes sense when you think about it. Why pay interest on this type of stuff for 10+ years. It is cheaper to have it done at an audio shop (or do it yourself) and use cash... or incur short term debt.

Used Class C Motorhomes Can Save you Money

If you are careful, you can find this stuff on a good used
Class C Motorhome ready to go!

Let's see if we can sort through some issues that can help us obtain the goal of being able to buy RV peace of mind. We want to think about exactly how we will use our new rig on a personal level.

Let’s start with:
  • The newest innovations…

    It is possible that a person may be able to get a new feature that simply is not available on a used unit. But, historically this is not a yearly occurrence.

    While motorhome manufacturers spend a bunch of money trying to convince you that you simply must have the latest and greatest features, the fact is, truly new innovations are rarely introduced into the marketplace. Motorhome manufacturers essentially are a conservative bunch that like to stay with a tried and true concept.
To give you an example of this, look at Ford’s E-450. The V10 was introduced in 1997 on a 14,050 GVWR chassis. The E-450 was left virtually unchanged until the year 2008 when Ford upgraded the chassis to 14,500 GVWR. The V10 still has the same horsepower and torque; it still has 305 hp at 420 lb-ft @3250 RPM. Granted, we are talking about the automotive end of things in this example.

buy rv This concept, however, holds true when looking to buy RV peace of mind and how it relates to the house side of things. I will also admit that I would put a priority on the post 2008 E-450. Every little bit of increase in cargo carrying capacity will help you enjoy a better Class C Motorhome experience.

You Can Buy Class C Motorhomes That May Be
“Just Too Old”

Another thing that is not often discussed while contemplating how to buy RV peace of mind is OBD-II. This On-Board-Diagnostic software package came on the scene around 1997.

OBD-II enables anyone who has a laptop and the proper software to plug into their Class C Motorhome and do a system diagnosis. Having my Class C in the shop for almost two months because it did not have OBD-II was a real eye opener. It's official, I'm a believer in OBD-II!

This can save you much time and many dollars in the event of engine/transmission failure. OBD-II came on board around 1997. Before that, working on the things could be very time consuming.

If you are considering buying used, I would recommend getting a rig that has the OBD-II capability.

It could save you a lot of headaches and dollars... not to mention the damage to your peace of mind that would occur just after you realized this whole problem could have been avoided if only you would have known.

When did expanding slides become available? In the late 1990’s? Something like that. When did the first full wall slides appear on the scene… last year? Two years ago? At any rate it took pretty close to ten years to see any significant advances from the original concept. (I will admit, that there were incremental changes in the basic technology that improved reliability and performance on these slides-outs… but nothing major.)

The point on this is that unless there are truly new innovations being offered, all things being equal, you are better off buying used. It is estimated that the average motorhome will lose 50% off of its sticker price in three years. That’s a lot of depreciation!

There is a dizzying array of information available about class c motor homes, and the stuff that goes into them.

There Are Differences In Various Slide Outs

While trying to buy RV peace of mind, it is important for you to realize that there are essentially two types of slide-out systems... hydraulic (fluid) and mechanical (electric motor and gears).

Here is another example of the importance of fully informing yourself. Could it potentially damage your ability to buy RV peace of mind if you did not fully understand which slide-out system would best suit your needs? Could this cause stress later if you bought an inferior slide-out mechanism that didn't work all that well?

Is it important to know which one is easier to retract in case of some type of mechanical failure? What are the pros and cons on these systems? For more information on this subject I would recommend a publication like the RV Comparison Guide by J R Consumers. Publications like this will go a long way toward pointing a person in the right direction in selecting an engine and frame combination.

RV peace of mind is easily accomplished by making good decisions based on your ability to break things down
into manageable topics.

Let’s continue on our list…

Buying Someone Elses Problems

There is the potential fear that when buying a used Class C Motorhome, we are going to get someone else’s problem. This is a serious matter that should not be ignored. If you buy used, have the rig checked out by an independent party; and if it is feasible, you may want to ensure that you have an extended warranty.

Having made the above statement, I should point out that there are multiple reasons that people sell their rigs:

  • There can be health issues.

  • Economic challenges can force lifestyle changes.

  • People sometimes buy their rigs on the spur of the moment. They didn't use any type of system to buy RV peace of mind. This can bite them when they come to realize the rig they just purchased was not suited to their needs. This is a classical case of buyer remorse... bad news for them, good news for you.
You will note that all of these reasons for selling have nothing to do with mechanical issues. With due diligence and some type of RV buying plan, you should be able to find a good reliable Class C Motorhome and obtain your goal of being able to buy RV peace of mind.

Additional Thoughts

Can you buy RV peace of mind by purchasing a brand new unit? Maybe... but new Class C Motorhomes can have problems too. That is why the manufacturer gives a warranty of some type.

The thing to remember is... even if the retailer picks up the tab for any unscheduled repairs, the time it takes to have these repairs performed can eat up valuable vacation hours.

Having a new unit will not guaranty a trouble-free experience. Sometimes when you purchase new, you are the beta tester for the latest changes. An argument can be made that a quality used rig will have the "kinks" worked out.

When buying used, you could get a bunch of aftermarket extras that the previous owner has already installed... this will give you peace of mind knowing that you would have had to pay the big bucks for any of this stuff on a new unit.

Whether we are buying new or used, the aspect that is most commonly overlooked is the livability of the unit. This is where an application of some "common sense" enters the quest of being able to buy RV peace of mind.

It all boils down to getting a Class C Motorhome with the features that you want. The floor plan on any Class C Motorhome is right at the top of the list for getting it right. A person simply must spend some time in the Motorhome that they will potentially purchase… you don’t want any post RV buying surprises.

Some Questions You Should Ask Yourself

This may sound tacky, but here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • When cooking a meal… where would you put your stuff that you will need? Is there room for your favorite wok?

  • Will you have enough room while your are cooking to allow your spouse get past you if they need to attend to matters in the bathroom?

  • Are you able to watch the TV without getting a kink in your neck? Is the chair you are going to use comfortable?

  • Are you able to get to the thermostat in the morning without having to climb out of your warm bed? Where is the thermostat?

  • In contrast, would you want a thermostat with a timer that can be pre-programed?

  • Will you have to climb over someone to get out of bed in the middle of the night?

  • Do you have easy access to the house batteries? How easy will it be to add electrolyte?

  • How easy or accessible are the waste dump valves you will be using? Will you have to crawl under the rig to do this task?
I'm sure with a little thought, you can easily add to this RV buyer list. Spend some time thinking things through before you purchase your next Class C Motorhome.

To Sum It All Up

To sum this up... if you are going to buy RV peace of mind, you will need to look at the purchase through your "peace of mind" lens. You need to look at your overall purpose, lifestyle, habits, possible destinations, financial capabilities, etc. If you do this, you will most likely end up with a home on wheels that will fulfill your expectations.

Start an RV buyer list right now, and add to it as new ideas occur. If you neglect to do this, you may find yourself making a spontaneous decision that may not, ultimately, fulfill your needs. If this happens, someone else may be buying your perfectly good Class C Motorhome for a good deal! That is not how you achieve peace of mind.

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