Aftermarket Class C Motorhome Accessories Can Improve Your
Rig's Performance!

Choosing your motorhome accessories will require the most important decisions you will make after purchasing your rig. Why do I say this?

Motorhome Accessories Determine
How You Will Use Your Rig

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Well, the motor home accessories you purchase will determine, in a large way, how you will use your rig... whether you are going to stay within 500 miles of home or pull a boat 6,000 miles to Alaska... just to go fishing.

Another more efficient way of getting on the water may be with an inflatable fishing boat. The point is, your goals will determine the types of motor home accessories you will need.

For example, if you are a fisherman, you may want to install a built-in propane freezer to store your fresh catch, or you might just want to upgrade your refrigerator to one that has a larger freezer capacity. However, be careful. Buying a new RV refrigerator can cost more than a bit so make sure to do some research.

We had some trouble finding reviews of RV refrigerators but liked a site called Refrigerator Pro. They seemed to have a ton of information about all types of refrigerator issues and concerns

You May Have Enough Room In Your Class C Motorhome To Have Some Type Of Laundry Machine

Figuring out how you are going to do your laundry is another area that may be solved with a much needed accessory, such as an addition of a washer dryer combo. This may seem like a stretch when discussing a subject like Class C Motorhome accessories... or even trailer accessories.

In recent years the Class C Motorhome has grown from the classic 25 footer into designs and sizes that allow many more choices in our motorhome accessories. We are starting to see larger, more upscale versions of these rigs.

Most of our Class C Motorhomes do have a lack of space, however, there are laundry accessories available that do not require power, or take up large areas.

Realistically, most of us using a Class C Motorhome will not install a washer/dryer accessory due to space considerations. However, there are options available for those of us that may spend time boondocking and away from the traditional motorhome RV parks and laundromats. In fact, there are some interesting choices that can be made concerning these types of accessories.

As a note, we are also seeing a trend where the old stand-by camper trailer is growing into a very sophisticated fifth-wheel configuration. Just like the Class C Motorhome, with a potentially larger platform, you will have more choices in camper accessories and travel trailer accessories.

Motor Home And Travel Trailer Accessories Could Include A Propane Heater, A Motor Generator, Solar Panels, Or A Wind Generator

Aftermarket propane heaters may be another valuable example of a motorhome accessory. The heaters that come with our Class C's do a wonderful job, but they do it at a price. They are energy hogs in both electrical power and propane gas. There are many heating choices available to us that can be a permanent fixture or a portable device to be used as an auxiliary or backup heating solution.

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A motor generator is listed as an option when you purchase a new rig, but most people consider it to be standard equipment. This is a good reason to purchase your rig used, so the other guy can absorb the $3,000 cost for this "optional" choice.

The use of good solar panels will, with the help of an equally good set of deep cycle batteries, go a long way toward helping you meet your power requirements for the back woods or any boondocking trips.

Of course, with additional deep cycle batteries supplying power to your recreational accessories, you will have to stay on top of your battery care and maintenance. Maintenance, of course, will include the cleaning of these big batteries, and you will want to prevent premature aging by ensuring that they have proper charge/discharge cycles.

There is also an area that is potentially overlooked. This is the challenge of a phantom load. This type of voltage draw will potentially cause a premature voltage drain on these things. This can result in a dead battery.

Another power option is a wind generator. This option, however, can be a little odd. The wind generator has a tendency to contradict itself.

They are inexpensive in that they cost less than $1,000, but they will make a constant, low level, low frequency noise that some find uncomfortable or unpleasant.

This is the contradiction: You are going way out in the middle of nowhere... why would you set up a piece of machinery that makes an irritating noise? Like I said, though, some people are bothered by the noise and some are not.

Of course there are many other motorhome accessories that make up a complete recreational package. They can range from a paper plate dispenser to various types of folding chairs along with the usual miscellaneous assortment of camper accessories.

One Of The Easily Overlooked Camper
Accessories Is The Bed

You can find a wide variety motorhome mattresses on the market. There are even upgrades available for all of your RV Bedding requirements. So what is the point of owning and using a Class C Motorhome if you cannot be comfortable in it? Sure, we all have a variety of lawn chairs, lounges, and hammocks. They are great for day use. But... what happens when you go to bed at night?

Unless you stay outside in your hammock all night, you will more than likely use the bed that is in your rig. After all, isn't that one reason that you bought the thing... so you could sleep in a comfortable bed rather than on the ground?

What if you could do even better? Wouldn't it be nice to get a good night's rest on an upgraded innerspring mattress? There are lots of bedding choices available to use as a motorhome accessory, and some of these ideas can really improve your sleep cycle. The new Memory Foam mattress has been around for several years, and more and more people are becoming fans of this technology. Another idea is the new multiple chambered air mattresses that have been gaining in popularity. I call foam and the air mattress "new" because in comparison to the innerspring, they haven't been on the market long.

Anyway, all of the above choices will go a long way to ensure a good night's rest. After all, no one likes to get up in the morning with a kink... especially if they are going to be driving all day!

You Can Go Overboard With
Too Many Motorhome Accessories

The list is almost limitless as to what you can put into your rig. However, a word of caution... pay attention to yor GVWR. Thinking about and planning for new motorhome accessories are all part of the rv lifestyle. It is a major reason for buying these rigs. We all want to put our personal touch on them... just be careful, and watch your GVWR.

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