If You Are Not Using An RV Wind Generator, Power May Be Blowing Past You!

An RV wind generator, in conjunction with a good inverter, can supply electricity directly to various electrical/electronic appliances, such as a radio or TV. It can also store electricity in a battery or battery bank.

Windmill Power Can Be A Stand-Alone System,
Or Part Of A Hybrid Configuration

A windmill generator can be used as a stand-alone device, or as part of a hybrid system, consisting of gen-sets and solar cell panels.

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The advantage of a hybrid system is having the ability to choose your power source from the most efficient device available, depending on weather and circumstance.

As an example, if you are subject to cloudy weather and windy conditions, a wind machine would be your electrical source. When it is sunny but calm, solar panels would, of course, work well.

Here again, most Class C Motorhome owners will not need three sources of power for their rigs. However, if you are a serious RV boondocker, and you do not always want to chase the sun, these wind power generators may suit your needs.

How Much Wind Is Enough?

For those who truly want to be free of the grid, your major decision will be to determine whether or not your chosen destination will supply enough windy or sunny days.

You need to know two things before you know if wind would be a reliable energy source:

  • Will the wind speed supply enough power to generate all the electricity to suit your needs?

  • Will the wind be available consistently?

RV Wind Generator

These machines are unique in that wind speed and related windmill power output is not linear like a gen-set or a solar panel.

If you want to find the wind speed/electricity relational output, you use the mathematical formula for determining the volume of a cube. Every time your wind speed doubles, the power (electricity) increases eight times.

For example,if there is a 10 mph wind doubling to 20 mph, you will have an increase of 8 (10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000 versus 20 x 20 x 20 = 8,000).

There Are Advantages And Disadvantages
To A Windmill Generator

An RV Wind Generator can be a very good source of electricity. They do have advantages along with certain disadvantages.


    • You can get a very reliable wind machine for less than $1,000.

    • In the correct environment you will be tapping a virtually unlimited free source of energy.

    • You would not be depleting fossil fuels and can better make the point for a Class C Motorhome's small environmental footprint.

    • It's a good source of energy to charge large deep cycle batteries.

    • Good wind sources are usually far away from developed areas like cities.


    • You are subject to the whims of the wind speeds... it may be intermittent, and it does not always blow when electricity is needed.

      • You need sustained wind speeds of at least 12 to 25 miles per hour (25 mph is the Beafort 6... the stage where the wind starts to, "whistle" on wires and structures).

    • There is some concern of low level constant noise being produced by the rotor blades.

Information Is The Key To A Successful Outcome

There are a ton of sites on the web selling wind power generators. You can even build one if you want to. Again, there is a lot of information out there on how to do this.

I'm not making recommendations on any particular wind generator. My personal feeling is, they are not for everyone. You would need a large battery bank to take full advantage of this type of technology.

I'm thinking that a small RV wind generator would be a great benefit for someone who plans to be on location for an extended period of time.

Also, this location has to supply the sustained wind that would be required.

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If You Are Not Using An RV Wind Generator, Power May Be Blowing Past You Page, and return to Class C Motorhome: How To Achieve
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