An RV Air Mattress May Give You A
Better Night’s Sleep

Now, why am I talking about an RV air mattress on a Class C Motorhome site? Well, simply put, being comfortable is important, and it seems that most of the stock stuff that is put into motorhomes is considered to be entry level... at best!

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RV manufacturers will put a piece of plywood down and throw a mattress on it and then call it a bed! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this type of camper mattress may not be the best sleep system.

In today's market however, there are just too many choices. This makes the process of selecting the best fit for your needs that much more difficult.

A New RV Motorhome Mattress Makes Sense

Air mattresses are becoming increasingly popular in most folk's homes, and it is replacing the standard framed innerspring systems. My thinking is, that if it is good enough for replacement at a brick and mortar home, it should be equally as important to have one in your Class C Motorhome. Most RV air mattresses use the same principle as a water bed; they force gas into a bladder using a mechanical pump similar to the way a water bed forces water into a bladder using water pressure.

This results in an atmospheric pressure differential. This pressure differential is the over pressurizing of an RV air mattress so that it can resist the natural air pressure that surrounds it. We then lie on it and say we are comfortable. Well, if we are out in the woods camping, this basic single bladder type of mattress would make sense because it would get us up off of the rocks.

The trick to sleeping better is the ability to set the air pressure to its maximum level of effectiveness, depending on what
part of the body needs support.

A One Bladder RV Air Mattress May Not Perform As
Well As You Would Like

It works like this... if you only have one bladder, you have to put air in it to adjust this bladder's pressure to accommodate both the soft and hard body surface contact points. This is not effective because of the way we are shaped. Even if we go to sleep lying on our backs the average healthy person can toss and turn (roll over) more than 50 times in a night. Therefore, there will be times when we are on our sides where the hard pointed surface of the hips and shoulders become pressure points.... this is when the single bladder mattress' comfort zone starts to break down.

Multiple Chamber RV Air Mattresses Provides
A Good Nights Sleep

However, there are other types of RV mattresses that can be more comfortable to lie on. Through recent developments RV air mattresses have been created using multiple chamber constructions. The chambers allow you to choose unique pressures with the use of the digitized controllers. So, you ask yourself, why would this make a difference? Well, it is all about the proper application of pressure.

Because our bodies have different shapes, we have a need to be able to customize whatever surface we are lying on.

In other words, for any straight area of our body, like the legs, arms, and torso, a firm RV mattress would feel OK. Our hips and shoulders, however, require a softer more responsive surface to rest on.

So, multiple air pockets are the answer... greater pressurized areas in some places, and a lesser pressurized area in others. This makes for a very comfortable bed—especially if you can adjust this bed as the mood strikes.

Where Is A Good Place Purchase A Mattress?

There are great locations available that offer full service online stores. They can provide you with a quality product. These online stores can be very competitive in the air bed market because of a couple of factors.

Because most of the name brand bedding companies have encouraged a system to keep the prices somewhat
higher than what a normal competitive market would allow, it is very hard, if not impossible, to make a deal. This means, that these companies simply will not allow their products to be discounted.

These name brand bedding companies also spend big bucks for national advertising campaigns. This doesn't mean that their products are necessarily better or worse, it just means you will usually pay more for them.

At the other end of the spectrum there are air bed manufacturers, like The Sleep Better Store, that have developed their own products. These independent manufacturers have gained a foothold in the market by using word of mouth advertising.

Part of this word of mouth advertising comes from the reviews that are submitted by happy customers. You can also check on their "compare us to others" page for the tax, warranty, customer service, and shipping information. You will see that they have a very strong competitive advantage.

My wife, Lynn, and I both have back issues. We purchased our air bed from The Sleep Better Store over 5 years ago.

Early on, we had issues with the pump. However, the customer service offered by this company was top notch. They did everything needed to solve our dilemma. It turns out, that my installation was the main culprit. I had put too much of a curve in the air hose coming out of the pump. Once I straightened out this hose, everything worked just fine. The Sleep Better Store was very accessible and responded to my issues in a very timely and effective manner.


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