1995 Tioga Montara Had a Leak - Ouch!

by Bill Cooley
(Huntington Beach, CA)

Inside Damage On Overhead Bunk Area

Inside Damage On Overhead Bunk Area

In 2008 I bought a used Tioga Montara from who I thought was a decent fella. He had it for about 8 years, and seemed to be on the up and up. When I got it home, it rained a few days later and I went inside to see droplets of water coming through the ceiling in the cabover area. Needless to say, he didn't tell me about the leak. A thorough review if the receipts showed that he had been dealing with the leak since he bought it.
In retrospect, now I realize why the seller had the heater system blower on when I first came to see it. He was getting rid of the smell caused by a long time water leak. Anyway, I should have given him the motor home back right away. There was a lot of internal damage, and I got estimates of $5,000 to $8000 to fix it. He gave me $2,000 back. BY this time I had done additional damage by poking at the damaged roof, and couldn't return the motorhome.

Anyway, I had the rubber roof reroofed, and the cabover rebuilt for the lower 5K estimate. Now 4 years later, it's coming apart and leaking again. I've attached some pictures to show the rebuild.

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Jun 19, 2019
Just FIX it yourself NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, All RV leak even the ones with lots and lots of caulk. Black mold has never killed anyone and the rv you buy today will fall apart sometime in the near future just like that wee lass you married a while back. There are no easy { FIX } and I would save the money you are going to spend and sell to the next RV enthusiast or just have some fun and fix it yourself. You will probably look like the Grapes of Raft once you are finished
but you will know what you have. Common sense and the local hardware store along with epoxy and spray foam for insulation will solve most problems. Experiment a little with test sample before you launch into anything; You can DO IT.

Nov 09, 2018
How to re-attach fiberglass panels NEW
by: FarmerJohn

We have just the same issue with our 1999 Fleetwood Tioga Class C. We've torn off the whole nose, and are now deciding how to rebuild. I think we can do that, but are unsure how to handle the exterior fiberglass panels.

All the exterior fiberglass seems to have had a thin sheet of luan plywood glued to it. There's lots of residue stuck on the fiberglass. My first question is, how completely does that plywood residue have to be scraped off before it can be re-adhered to the new material we'll rebuild with? I assume we have to use contact cement of some kind. Thoughts?

Nov 12, 2016
Roof fix
by: Troy

I had the same problem on my Montara.The rubber edges of the roof on top had shrunk away from the edgesand water leaking down the sides causing bulging of fiberglass from the wood expanding.Bought 4" rubber tape for $60.00 and taped down the edges.Then i cleaned the roof with acetone $8.00.After that painted the roof with liquid rubber $170 after applying primer $ 70.00. Total cost $308 and a couple weekends of elbow grease.Been 3 years now and not one drop of water!!! Most times you dont need to replace the entire rubber roof unless you have holes and damage.Was not that hard to do and if I to do it again i would have pressure washed the roof first.

Sep 06, 2015
Rear bedroom corner leak?..? Top or corner leak?
by: Minnie leak

We went thru the cab over leaks and luckily pulled and
Re-sealed the front glass before bad wood damage? BUT,, now the drivers side rear corner, back bedroom has water damage from top corner ,narrow down to the nightstand, then widens to the back window. Seems solid below this area. Has anyone experienced a rear corner leak like this? We are surprised as we just paid for a roof " clean and seal" from a well known Camping company in this World!?
Thanks for any Helpful direction, Wet Winnie!

May 14, 2013
2002 sunseeker, multiple leaks
by: Tom K

My son bought a new sunseeker class c in 2002. The front over cab area has been repaired 3 times so far due to leaks. It is leaking again now-thus my reason for being on this sight. Looking for help/info. A local RV repair shop quoted him $3500 - "but we only do those in the winter".
So, it looks like I will be doing most of the work. The part I and II repair info here is great. The epoxy sounds like the real deal. So thanks and wish us luck!!

Stick with motor"CYCLES", they are much simpler!

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