The 2008 Ford E 450 Has A New Grill: What Else Has Changed?

The Ford E 450 has been the number one selling full sized van since 1980. Their latest redesign was in 2008. What have they changed, and what remains the same?

A Basic Overview Of The
E 450 Cutaway Van

First, a little background - the Ford Econoline series commercial van comes in 4 sizes ranging from the Ford E150 up to the Ford E450. Most RV manufacturers today design their class c motor homes around the the Ford E 450 chassis with the 6.8L Triton V10 (305HP 420 lb-ft @3250 RPM) supplying the horsepower.

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Last year, Ford sold 63 percent of the cutaway segment of this motorcoach market. The cutaway is the segment version that is used to make the Class C Motorhome. Love em' or hate em', they sell the most.

So, if they are so successful, why the change? Well, there really isn't a single answer to that question. However, I can say that they seem to be addressing some issues that will make the E 450 a better platform for a Class C RV conversions.

Starting from the front and working back, let's look at the grill. It is bigger and is supposed to reflect a "tough" look. However, it does allow more airflow to the powertrain. All things being equal, this should allow for cooler operating temperatures.

The front suspension utilizes a new geometry. Also this E 450 uses a larger sway bar to enhance stance and help to firmly plant the front end to the road.

2008 E-series Cutaway

This latest version of the E 450 has also incorporated upgrades to the steering system with the goal of providing a better "center feel". They are also using new valve technology on the rear shock absorbers to help the E 450's ride and handling.

Last, but not least, the 2008 van has increased the GVWR up 450 lbs to 14,500 and extended their drive train warranty to 5 years/60,000 miles.

The 2009 GVWR, HP, and torque for the Ford E-450 remains the same.

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