Class C Motorhomes And Housekeeping: Can We Make It Simple?

You are in your Class C Motorhome, and housekeeping and cleaning tips is the last thing you want to think about when you arrive at your destination. However, we all know that if we use it, we will make a mess.

Do You Find Yourself Saying, "Excuse The Mess"
When Visitors Come Calling?

Whenever I am invited into someone else's Class C, I always hear... "excuse the mess". I also say the same thing whenever anyone comes into my unit! Let's see what we can do about this.

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It all starts with simply driving down the freeway at 60+ miles an hour, it may feel like you are experiencing a 5.4 earthquake during a hurricane. Depending on the condition of the road, things can be bouncing around pretty good.

The problem is, with a 60+ mph wind pushing in gritty road dust, it doesn't take long for this dust to settle over most everything. When it is raining, it's a wonder that the whole thing doesn't get wet.

And this is just the start! Upon arrival, things have a tendency to get even dirtier depending on where you are camping:

  • If you are in the desert, the wind blows and the dust settles.

  • If you are in the mountains, there is a good chance that the wind is not blowing, but the dust is going to be a finer type. If there are snowy conditions, you will have a lot of water and mud to contend with.

  • If you are at the beach, you have sand that is sticky with salt water.

I think you are getting the picture... your Class C Motorhome will get dirty, and a good housekeeping system is a must.

So, What Are Some Housecleaning Tips That Will Keep Our Class C Motorhome Sparkling?

In reality, there is only so much house cleaning we can do. After all, a lot of the time we are going places where nature reigns supreme... that means we are going to park our rigs in dirt.

Class C on the Beach

Catching crab at Doran County Beach in Bodega Bay, CA

In a perfect world, you would have a concrete slab just outside the front door. On occasion, you may be so lucky. But, unfortunately, many times there will only be mud or dirt.

It seems to me that the obvious way to go about keeping your Class C Motorhome housekeeping chores to the minimum would be to not let the thing get dirty in the first place.

Is Laundry Considered Housecleaning?... Probably

Something else to think about while we are sitting around enjoying nature at its best: how in the heck am I going to do my laundry without pulling up stakes and going to town? There may be a laundry cleaning system that will work well in your RV.

There are some big C+ rigs out there that may be interested in using a washer dryer/combo to get their laundry clean. I know full well that washer/dryer combo's are not suited for a lot of RV's. A little background knowledge and pre-planning could be very helpful in the future. You never know what type of rig you will end up in. If you are in the planning stage of buying an Class-C-Motorhome, you may want to think about potential modifications to installing a washer/dryer.

If having a washer/dryer is high on your list of priorities, you should find the machine, so you can get its dimensions. With this information, you will know whether your new motorhome will have the space for an install. This is much easier to do than buying a motorhome and then trying to figure out if a washer/dryer will fit in the thing.

Here Are Some Cleaning Tips For Your Computer

While we are on the subject of dust and dirt, don't forget about housekeeping cleaning tips for your computer. Believe it or not, there are a lot of similarities between cleaning a computer and cleaning/organizing your Class C Motorhome.

For example, all you do when you defrag a computer's hard-drive is put your used program information in its proper location.

I think of it like this: if every time you removed something from your Class C Motorhome and you just tossed it back inside when you were finished with it, you would very quickly have a mess on your hands. It would be very difficult to find anything. Rummaging around inside your Class C Motorhome is not the best way to get things done.

Well, that is exactly what your computer does when you open and use a computer file. When you close the file your CPU (Central Processing Unit) will simply throw the file back on the hard-drive in a very chaotic manner.

The next time you want to use those files, the CPU has to go rummaging around looking for them. This will slow down the computer dramatically; these files will be scattered all over the hard-drive... some here... some there.

So when you defrag a program you are simply putting everything away in its proper place so the CPU will know exactly where to find them. It simply speeds things up... those of us who work on computer, call this "computer hygiene" In reality, it is just housekeeping.

Another housekeeping area that it wouldn't hurt to talk about is the kitchen. There are lots of ways to go about cooking and cleaning. I feel everyone will develop a system that is compatible with their individual needs.

However, I will share a few things that we do in our kitchen that keeps our RV kitchen clean and the occupants fed.

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