Mobile Broadband... Enhanced Wireless Options For People On The Move

Mobile Broadband is the latest of the broadband technologies to promise wireless connectivity and convenience. Whilst Wi-Fi enabled devices and wireless routers offer a certain level of flexibility, it is only when the user connects with a broadband system can they truly enjoy great throughput and take their enhanced connection with them everywhere they go and enjoy high speed connection to the internet using wireless internet cards.

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Over the last few years mobile broadband has put on a growth spurt, with millions of customers utilizing mobile connections on both their portable handsets and laptop computers.

Despite claims that slowdown will damage the market, providers like Orange have still seen growth in their mobile market using broadband technology. It seems, however, that customer base in other areas of connectivity have tailed off.

There are several options for people who are on the move and want to stay connected

The first is Wi-Fi hot-spots. There are thousands up and down the country and many restaurants, hotels, trains and businesses provide them.

However, you will usually have to pay in order to surf. Usually this will cost a significant amount, particularly if you are intending to stay online for a long time.

If you are a regular traveler then mobile broadband represents the best value as well as significant convenience benefits when compared to other options.

A mobile Internet broadband system does not rely on a fixed line connection. Instead you will connect to a 3G bandwidth network which utilizes the same technology as modern mobile phones.

That means there is no line rental to pay. You just pay for the monthly cost of the package. If you commit to a pay monthly a mobile Internet broadband contract you will usually receive a free USB dongle.

This will contain a modem and will plug straight into a spare USB port on your laptop. It is also the only piece of kit you need to get connected to a mobile Internet service provider. As such you can use your connection wirelessly from anywhere with adequate 3g bandwidth coverage.

Every major mobile telephone network provider also offers various mobile Internet broadband packages, as do BT and Virgin Media. There are various pros and cons to picking each provider, so let us analyze the providers to aid in your decision.

3 Mobile offers the widest level of 3g bandwidth coverage, with 91% of the UK accounted for. 3 Mobile also have one of the widest selections of broadband deals which include a free laptop, making them perfect for beginners.

However, they only offer a maximum download speed of 3.6 Mbps. Orange also have a maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps, but they have some progressive new packages on offer. For example, one set of pay monthly bundles has a fixed data allowance, but any usage between 12pm and 8am is not taken into account. This makes it perfect for overnight usage and downloading.

Vodafone offer mobile broadband packages capable of up to 7.2Mbps download speeds. However, high speeds are only possible in areas covered by their High-Speed Down-link Packet Access HSDPA) networks and these are limited to urbanized areas.

T-Mobile also has a mobile Internet broadband package T-Mobile also has a mobile Internet broadband package that comes with unlimited usage, provided you follow the fair use policy.

Whichever wireless option you pick, make sure it gives you suitable portability and power whilst you are on the move.

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