The RV Foam Mattress Is The
New King Of Comfort

The RV foam mattress is probably the most comfortable foam rubber mattress on the market today. If you do want to buy a quality foam RV Mattress, you will find that they may be pricey in terms of dollars spent. However, when you consider the value of your improved sleeping comfort, then this type of camper mattress becomes money well invested.

Not All Visco-Elastic RV Foam Mattresses Are Equal...
Nor are they all expensive!

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Also, you should be aware that not all foam rubber mattresses are equal. This wonderful World Wide Web offers great information on how to find good quality products that may not break the bank!

Like everything else out there, you have to pay attention to the details... the trick is to have your foam mattress support and contour to your body, but not to envelope you. A product like an Isoform mattress can do that. The Isoform mattress is an example of a second generation advanced memory foam mattress technology

Advanced visco-elastic foam rubber mattress technology is a similar to the innerspring mattress... you can pick one that is too soft or too hard.

If it is too soft, in some motorhomes you will sink into it and “bottom out”. In other words, it will not offer enough support, and you will feel the sub frame (which can be made of wood) material underneath.

When your foam RV mattress is too hard, it won't

A Soft visco-elastic RV Foam Mattress

contour to your body until your body heat warms it up. Then it will mold around you. The challenge here is that after you have settled in, it makes it hard to roll over or change positions. It kind of feels like you are in a cast or mold.

There Are Three Ways To Grade A
Visco-Elastic RV Foam Mattress

An RV foam mattress can be graded on several parameters; however, I am only going to talk about three of them:
  • First, it has to be visco-elastic.

    • Meaning it is temperature sensitive and will always return to its original shape. It should do this quickly.

  • Second, it is measured in density pounds per square foot.

    • This is called the "weight" and is, in part, determined by the proportion and quality of the foam and chemicals used in the composition of the end product.

    • You will see a range of foam weight from between 2-3 lb to 4-5 lb densities.

  • Third, the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection).

    • This is determined by the hardness or stiffness of the mattress.

Remember: the higher the ILD number, the firmer the foam will be.

This is just an indicator to help figure out what is most comfortable for you. If you try out a bed and it seems too hard, see what the ILD number is and find a bed with a lower number to see if it works better for you.

So what is the big deal about viscoelastic foam? Bottom line, it works!

Viscoelastic Foam Mattress

There isn't any other foam material that distributes pressure as evenly as an visco-elastic mattress.

People using this type of foam simply sleep better, have less pain, and have a tendency to toss and turn less during the night. They just get a better night's sleep.

Latex Is A Foam Rubber

As a note:

Some people can confuse an visco-elastic RV foam mattress with latex. Latex is used to create foam-bedding material and there is a market for the product.

For example: It can be used for the core of a mattress, but not the top layer. It has a higher elasticity and more resilience than a visco-elastic RV foam mattress.

Latex has a tendency to feel springy, so it feels
like it is pushing against you.

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