Motorhome Mattress Shopping:
Where Do You Start?

Thinking about a new motorhome mattress for your rig is probably not going to keep you awake at night... unless you are using an old or worn-out mattress. You could be missing out on a good night's rest.

Motorhome Mattress Shopping Is A Bit More Complicated Than It Was Just A Few Short Years Ago

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There are more places to shop and a larger variety of choices in RV bedding available today than there was at any other time in history.

As little as 15 years ago, the consumer was limited to just one bedding option... the innerspring mattress. It was a fairly simple thing to get the best mattresses for all of your needs.

Today there are basically three distinct groupings, or types, of RV mattresses on the market. When we compare mattresses, we have the choice of comparing the best rated mattress in each of these groups. These mattress groups consist of innerspring, air, and foam constructed RV bedding.

With so many choices in the RV Bedding Market, understanding how to buy a mattress has become somewhat complicated.

Regardless of the type of bedding you end up with, it pays to do your homework and find the best rated mattress that suits your needs. Here, is some information and a few ideas that can help you walk away with the knowledge that you have purchased the best product for your needs.

Finding A Knowledgeable Sales Person Is Critical

When you go motorhome mattress shopping, I feel that a knowledgeable sales representative is an indispensable asset. The mix and match options available today can easily overwhelm and confuse the unprepared consumer.

Just a little bit of surfing on the Internet can also supply a good foundation of this knowledge. The challenge is there are also multiple offerings for specials on this and that. So how do you get past the smoke and jive?

First, I think you have to determine just what type of bedding choice would best suit your needs. Talking to various sales reps and reading online information articles will help you in this stage of pre-buying.

Retailers and manufacturers of bedding products are making comparative shopping difficult for the consumers. Without understanding a lot of technical jargon, you are at the mercy of the sales representative. If you talk to enough of them, you will find a good one that is both honest and knowledgeable.

I think what I’m attempting to get across is that you have to use the Internet to learn about bedding types, and this will help you to understand and determine what is best suited for you.

It’s not that hard... just understand that the more you know, the more you will increase your chances of purchasing a product that will serve your needs for many years.

When you learn enough about your motorhome mattress choices, you will be better able to determine if a sales representative starts to take you down the wrong path.

It ends up being just like Class C Motorhome sales... it does not matter which dealer you go to, they will tell you that they have the best product at the best price; and we all know this is not true.

Be Aware That RV Bedding That Appears To Be
A "Good Deal" May Just Be Of Lesser Quality

Because of the way mattresses are marketed, it is very difficult to determine whether the price on the product is a good deal or not. Many times bedding that appears to be discounted are actually just a lesser product at a lesser price.

When dealing with the high-end bedding manufacturers, you will find a mandated minimum price on their products. The retailers can’t risk going below these set mandates without endangering their relationship with the manufacturer. Recent court cases have solidified this policy, making it much easier for the manufacturers to keep prices up on their products.

So... Can You Get Deals On Quality Bedding?

Yes, retail outlets do have sales. You will not likely find the top of the line stuff on sale, but other products will be marked down on occasion.

Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson about potential sales.

In addition, there are tricks to improving a mattress’ sleep quality. For example, buy a middle-of-the-road innerspring sub frame, and then purchase a good, appropriate-sized memory foam pad to top it off.

With this process, you will succeed in getting a very comfortable product. In fact, it is virtually the same as buying a Pillow Top hybrid without the markup!

You can also negotiate items like delivery & setup, tax, and complements like sheets, pillows etc. You kind of have to pick and choose. Chances are you will not get discounts on everything, but it does not hurt to ask. Just don’t get stuck on an issue... you will develop a sense for just how far to push.

The Trick Is To Know What You Want
And Don't Be In A Hurry

If you know what you want and have a good idea of the going rate for the mattress of your dreams, don’t be afraid to go online to a reputable store if the price is right. You may have to perform your own setup; but other than that, purchasing your motorhome mattress at online retailers can be very competitive.

The last thing to be aware of is that obtaining your new motorhome mattress can be a time-consuming process. Don’t be afraid to bring your pillow. Accept the fact that you should lie on each bed for at least 15 minutes to determine whether it is right for you. In theory, if it is comfortable for 15 minutes, it will probably be comfortable all night.

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