Motorhome Storage: Just How Much Can We Carry Around?

Motorhome storage solutions are something that every Class C Motorhome owner must strive for... how do we store our stuff? We also need to fully understand that the downside to our perceived "required accessories list” is an addition of extra weight that must be accounted for when putting all of our RV equipment into our rig.

There Is A Limit to How Much RV
Equipment We Can Carry

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It is a fact that every Class C Motorhome on the market has a definite limit on just how much they can carry. Therefore, when we use our rigs, we must take RV storage seriously. We must understand the different types of weight and displacement requirements, and how storing our stuff will affect our home on wheels.

Sure, we have an almost unlimited amount of choices in the accessories that we can choose from, but we simply cannot take them all!

Prioritizing And Placement OF Our Motorhome Accessories Is The Key To Fully Enjoying Our Rigs While Keeping Our weight Under Control

We must learn the skill of prioritizing and keeping track of what we want to have in our motorhome. We have an inherent contradiction, in that while we may understand that we must keep our rigs as light as possible, we also seem to have a need to bring as much stuff as we can. We do not want to feel hindered in our ability to enjoy our Class C Motorhome travel adventures because of weight restrictions.

The decisions we make when choosing accessories, and how we go about storing these items, will be key in our ability to fully enjoy traveling and exploring different places.

This page hopes to address motorhome storage organization issues with a few simple
ideas on weight savings

I don't want to tell you specifically what you should or should not put into your rig. There are many ways to go about such a task. What I hope to do is help you realize that there are many functional items that are compact, weigh little, and perform well. I will give a few examples of things that I have done, but this will not be a exhaustive list.

Skedaddle 1

Storing a Kayak

    In recent years, kayaking has become very popular among a growing segment of our society.

    I use an inflatable kayak called the Skedaddle 1-XC Solo. This kayak only weighs 15 lbs. It is the Advanced Elements DragonFly Inflatable Kayak under a West Marine nameplate

    My Skedaddle meets the standards of being very functional for "dinkin' around", while at the same time it is very light and compact, which makes camper storage, organization, and transportation in our Class C Motorhome much easier. - The perfect boats for RVs

    The Sea Eagle 330 is another inflatable that is a bit larger and more versatile than the Skeddadle. This ULTIMATE Weekend Getaway Boat boat only weighs 26lbs!

    There are many inflatable boats on the market, including inflatable fishing boats that can be light enough to work for the RV lifestyle... and their unique RV storage issues. They range in size from the small kayak platforms up to a larger, or more accommodating Zodiac.

Food and motorhome storage organization

    Another area of interest for motorhome owners is food camper storage. Although many RVs today come with a pantry, most of the time it is no more than a narrow shelf with very limited capacity.

    The pantry seems to work well enough for immediate use. In other words, you can keep enough stuff in there to cook a meal or two, but long term you may need better motorhome storage options.

    The challenge is to increase the size of your pantry area, but not to substantially increase your weight due to the use of heavy wood or similar constru

    Truck Organizer

    You can use a light weight trunk organizer that only weighs a couple of pounds empty, and can hold up to 35 lbs when expanded. They have multiple compartments depending on how you configure it.

    I set a couple of these Soft Side trunk organizers up over the cab if no one is using it for a sleeping area.

    I have also used a single 1" x 6" x 4' piece of pine to set across the two captains chairs up forward in the cab area. You can set one or two of these organizers on this plank. It just depends on how many sections you want to use.I can then simply move it up above the cab when we are driving.

Laundry Issues

    Dirt happens, and we do have to clean up. Laundry is a bit of a stretch when you are thinking about Class C Motorhome storage. However, this type of RV equipment does relate when you consider that washing and drying equipment can be small and light.

    Wonder Washer (See Housekeeping)

These are but a couple of items that are light in construction and compact in size.

  • Kayaking is a great sport, but bringing inflatables greatly simplifies the transporting and weight considerations.

  • The easily folding nylon trunk organizer shows how you can transform and utilize a design concept for one purpose into another very easily.

  • Laundry options are more numerous than we may think...

Do you have ideas on storage solutions that you have developed and found useful? If you wish to share some of these ideas just click on the response and comment link below.

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